Sunday, 10 June 2012

The curtain call.

It was a good morning for thrifitng. The sun was shining. I had drunk a large Costa vanilla latte and I was ready to rumble!.

I had a feeling it was going to be a gooden.

Vacco flask and Gaydon Melmex butter dish

1970's lamp

Retro cushions

Not too much just a few little bits to feed my addiction. Then just as I was leaving the boot sale a bright orange fabric caught my eye. Hidden in the HUGEST pile of mix matched linen. I'm not even exaggerating the pile was so big that no one else had even bothered to touch it.

'You can have the whole lot for a tenna love' said the stall holder.
Well I only wanted that orange fabric. (The pile was so big I would have needed a transit van to get it home. Imagine my husbands face!).

 Then, as I started to shift through the mounds of material I found not one, not two, not three, not even four but FIVE, YES FIVE PAIRS OF 1970's curtains!!!!


The first pair I saw are the same print as the Graham and brown trippy wallpaper I blogged about here

And then I found this double bed linen set.

I just love it when stuff like this happens. I still can't believe I managed to get five actual pairs of curtains. All in pristine condition.

This is why I love thrifting.

(Oh and no picture, but I also found a BRAND NEW pair of white converse for £5.00 in my size. Whats the luck of that eh?!).

Not a bad weekend in my books.

Hope you had  a good weekend too?.

 Lauren x


  1. Amazing finds! I had a good morning too and managed to get 2 lovely 1950's books for Reagan,a few cups and a great big mirror all ready for me to get shabbying. And what a result you had with the Converse...lucky!!xxx

    1. Sounds fab! :D its so exciting collecting things for a new home. Xxx

  2. Nice finds! My thrifting this weekend was a bit naff! Well done you xx

  3. Thanks lovely! This had been the first weekend there has been anything for me. This rain is no fun. Where are the lovely summer mornings strolling round the bootsales at
    Half 5 :( xxx