Friday, 29 June 2012

Pipe dreams.

For those of you that follow me  on Twitter you will know that my dream home as gone up for sale. 

Do you all have one of these? A house that you have always wanted, your perfect forever home.

This is a home that I drive past all the time and long to own. I have loved it from afar and now its up for sale. When I saw the for sale boards outside I just had to see if we could afford it.

We can't. Not in a long shot.

But I just had to share. I have imagined us living there. With chickens,ducks, goats and pigs. An abundant allotment. An apple tree in the garden. Stone floors and a wood burning stove. I have imagined the sunsets over the fields. Listening to the cockerel and his cry. The smell of the wild flowers. 

Like a modern day Larkin family.

You can see the full details of the house here

It says there is planning permission to extend/change the property. I hope the new owners keep its charm and don't turn it into a modern luxury mansion like some of the houses in the area. I love the bungalows traditional feel. It sits right at home as it is. It probably needs a new kitchen/bathroom etc but I would keep the exterior the same. I would fill the garden with beautiful flowers and have a whole farmyard out the back. 

I will need to sell a lot of vintage to afford a house like this but one day...

Lauren x

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  1. it looks lovely! i have several houses like this! We have lived in the same house for 20 yrs, our first home and only now starting to think i would like to go bigger. But like you, i would need to sell a lot of vintage, or sell my soul lol