Monday, 25 June 2012

Homemade home; Kitchen love

Here I am in my sick bed recovering from food poising. It has been frightful. Thankfully I am feeling much better and have some exciting news regarding our kitchen.

 It was fitted at the weekend. What do you think?

I am so pleased with it! It looks amazing. I didn't get my way with the worktops but I think the black ones look nice. So all is well.

 As you know we saved this kitchen and all the appliances from a skip. We did a little research on this allmilmo kitchen and were amazed when we found out a bit more about this German company.

They are a pretty pricey for starters.

This has to be the find of our homemade home.
 Never in a million years would i expect to be able to afford a kitchen like this. With prices ranging from 18-27k (cough,splutter,choke!, Our WHOLE renovation has cost us less than 5k!)
 Something like this was wayyyyyyyyyyy out of reach in the real world. But not in the thrifting world.

Not only did we get the designer kitchen but see those appliances?, Smeg, Kupperbush, Miele, to name but a few, all in all cost us £500! 
We priced the microwave oven, that comes in at £1200 alone. 
And this designer kitchen was due to be thrown away. 

Madness right?

The only thing we couldn't get to fit were the slate worktops, original sinks and a few of  the cupboards.  Aside from spending on a new sink and super cheap worktops I would say this is the bargain of the year.

And I am in love with our new(ish) kitchen. 

Brings a whole new light on thrifty finds.

Lauren x


  1. Wow, that is an amazing find. I hope I find something as good as this when I eventually come to buy my own home.

    1. We were so lucky right?! Ones man's junk is another man's treasure ;) xx

  2. oh my goodness that is such a lucky find!!!!!

    1. Its great isnt it? And such good quailty. I still cant get over that it was going to be thrown away. xx