Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Home envy.

Ikea family live.

Interior inspiration on tap.

If you have never heard of Ikea family live, it is basically a website jam packed with a stunning array of   eclectic real life interior design ideas, from all over the globe.
The easy to find photographs are perfect for an interior porn addict like myself. I can spend hours at a time drooling over the endless supply of real life rooms.
(Doesn't it make it so much better when you know a normal, everyday person has designed them?. The scandi/retro dream is still in reach!).

I just had to share my current home envy. I look at these pictures everyday. They are providing my mantra,
'I will have my dream home'.

Let me introduce to you Anki, Casper, wolf and mus,
 (With names like that of course they are going to have a outrageously amazing house)
And their bright, bold and beautiful home.


The mind boggling colours, the deer, the kitsch ornaments adorning every room, the painted floorboards, the tee pee, the wallpaper, the kitchen, the garden den, the bunting!!.


And now I am totally having geometric print flooring in the kitchen. Thank you to Retro on the net and the vintage scientist for telling me what it was. Now you know why I was asking :)

If you would like to know more about Anki and her home, or want to get your own interior inspiration fix then go to the Ikea family live website here

All pictures are subject to copyright so please ask Ikea family live before using them.

Thank you to Ikea family live and Anki for letting me use these wonderful photographs.

Lauren x


  1. O.M.G. what a stunning house! The first 5-6 pics looks exactly like my friend Vicki's house. She lived in Holland for about 7 years so she is has that slight "scandinavian" look to her house but she also has lot's of vintage/retro items dotted around everywhere. I love the pic of the wall with the gold frames scattered across it, I love the randomness of it! Amazing. Great blog. xx

    1. Oooh I bet your friends house is stunning! Xx