Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A very british weekend

As I type I can hear the rain against the window. I have a left over glass of pimms and I am stuffed full of sandwiches and scones.

It has been a very British weekend.

 I feel incredibly blessed, happy, humbled and over joyed that I was able to celebrate this joyous weekend. Our Queen Elizabeth's diamond jubilee.

There has been a buzz of community. A real patriotic pride. I have never known the country and the people to feel such wonder and delight. Its has been a very happy weekend.

My prayers are with Prince Philip.
And for the Queen. 
 May long she reign over us.
God save the Queen.

Thank you to my lovely friend Lauren for the photographs.

Lauren x


  1. That street party looks so much fun - us British always know how to party on regardless of the weather!

    1. We sure do :D we were lucky as it didn't actually rain! Xx